About Us


About Us

 Board of Directors

Satori Shakoor – Executive Director

Steven Gold – President

Don Wellman – Vice President

Veda Sherman – Secretary

Dameon Wilburn – Treasurer


Lucia Wylie-Eggert – Board Director

Anita Gibbs – Board Director

Sheila Hughes – Board Director

Doreen Hunter – Board Director

Advisory Board

Carolyn Carter

Legal Advisor

John Grenke


About Us



About Us

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             The Secret Society Of Twisted StorytellersⓇ has a global mission to connect humanity, heal and transform community and to provide an uplifting, thought-provoking, soul-cleansing experience through the art and craft of storytelling. The monthly event is curated and takes place live at Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in front of an engaged audience.

              Humans are primarily social beings, wired to connect with a thirst to understand and to be understood. We all have a compelling desire to know how others survived a struggle, overcame a hardship, altered a negative circumstance, found hope and in so doing transformed their lives. The Secret Society Of Twisted Storytellers (TSSOTS) believes that every human being has the power to move, touch and inspire others through the sharing of stories. Storytelling is perhaps the oldest human art form and is proved to be the most effective delivery system of information and ideas. Storytelling at its highest level is visionary and transformational. TSSOTS is a big idea with an extraordinary goal to transform community one story at a time.

               The Secret Society Of Twisted Storytellers extends our mission through the digital preservation of stories where they are shared via social media, global podcast produced by WDET and through storytelling workshops where we partner with other nonprofits and local businesses to teach the art and craft of storytelling. Some of our satisfied clients include: Marygrove College, Historical Society, N’Namdi Galleries, Inside Out Literary Project, DIAYW and Multicultural Youth Leadership Event (MYLE).

               The Secret Society Of Twisted Storytellers is a licensed production of The Society for the Re-Institutionalization of Storytelling, a Michigan 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization. We gratefully accept your generous donations big or small!

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Satori Shakoor, Executive Producer
Satori Shakoor, Executive Producer
About Us


Live Event Production Team 

Satori Shakoor, Producer & Artistic Director

Cheryl James, Production Manager

Gina Ellis, Stage Mgr. & Dance Curator

Yolanda Jack, Production Assistant

248 Pencils, Inc. Video Team

            Don Wellman, Video/Editor

   – Prema Qadir, Camera

  • – Lawrence Martin, Camera

Lawrence Martin, Photographer

Rob Brown, Creative Audio Solutions

Jatu Gray, Global Livestream

Allan Leshchinsky, Digital Mktg Mgr.

Hildegarde Kirkland, FOH Mgr.

Doreen Bethel, FOH

Rochelle Mays, Vendor Coordinator

Veda Sherman, FOH 

Janet Wimberly, FOH

Paul Wildfier, Volunteer

Frances Withers, Volunteer