248 Pencils

I grew up in Northwest Detroit. My father designed outdoor spaces for the City of Detroit while my mom raised five kids to be healthy and independent. After graduating from Cass Tech, I entered Michigan State University determined to become a veterinarian. I left four years later with a communications degree and a desire to write Volkswagen ads.

A Recession swept away my internship at a major ad agency, so I took a job selling ads for a suburban newspaper chain. I usually walked into a new prospect’s business with copy and a layout, rather than a rate card.

After doing a quick lap through the world of Retail Management, I found myself in front of a typewriter again – telling stories on paper: ads, brochures, articles, short fiction. Freelancer. Small ad agencies. Copywriter for hire. Even some jingle writing.

I landed in the Creative Services department of a reference book publisher. There I rode the wave of change from print to electronic media. As my ideas began to appear more often on monitors than on paper – including video – I noticed that the people who seemed to be having the most fun (creative impact) were the filmmakers and editors.

A couple CCS courses later, I had picked up some digital video gear and enough information to tell stories in a mostly visual medium.

When another Recession dried up that Corporate gig, I opted to go full-freelance and 248 Pencils LLC went from a side-gig to my bread-and-butter.

I’ve been producing video since 1984 – when I served as Artistic Director on an award-winning MTV music video. Today, I'm something of a specialist in producing videos of storytellers – for The Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers and The Moth.

Later this year, I will be releasing a story of my own - THE NEW TEN an audio/visual novel.

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